New 5.1 PCI Audio Sound Card C-Media 6 Ch 3D Surround

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New 5.1 PCI Audio Sound Card C-Media 6 Ch 3D Surround
6 Channel 5.1 PCI 3D Surround Sound Card

Dynamic 3D positional sound effect and virtual 5.1 sound track enable you become a DJ in your house
Get those six channels plus a SPDIF digital input and support for HRTF 3D positional sound
Equipped with standard input and output connectors to add great stereo input and output performance
Best choice for the high quality sound effect pursuers!

Fully compatible with your Surround Sound 5.1 channel computer speaker system
This PCI card uses the C-Media CMI8738/PCI-6-CH-LC chipset
Full duplex 64-bit PCI bus master
Integrated SRS 3D sound technology
Compatible with sound blaster, sound blaster pro and Windows sound system
Advanced MPC-3 compliant input and output mixer
Enhanced stereo full duplex operation
Dual Type-F DMA support
Delta-Sigma data converters
Programmable power management
Hardware master volume control
Line-out (Front Speakers)
Rear-out (Rear Speakers)
15 pin standard game/midi port
PCI interface
System requirement: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Package included:

1 x 6 channel 5.1 PCI sound card
1 x CD driver